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What is C999?

To escape their disfunctional planet, Shadoks have built a rocket powered by some miraculous combustible called Cosmogol 999, C999 in short. They have been pumping some C999 for decades and as they are stupid, they won't ever stop pumping.


C999 Tokenomics

Every week, the minting price of C999 will double as the result of the continous pumping of the Shadoks. The collected $SOL token from the minting operations are sent to a Gulp, which is essentially a prison for undesirables. The Gulp address is known (TheGu1p111111111111111111111111111111111111), but unfortunately no one has access to the key.



Given that a Shadok only has 4 neurons, there is only a very limited amount of things they can create and as such, despite its minimalism, this protocol is considered complete. Shadoks count on the community to promote the Shadok way of thinking and self organise.



Shadoks put all their 4 neurons at work for creating this protocol, learn more.

It Up

This protocol has a minting price that doubles every week thanks to the pumping effort of the Shadoks.

Don't You Know
Pump It Up

They will continue to pump. You can count on them for this.

You've Got To
Pump It Up

Absolutely. Shadoks will pump... forever.


Frequently Asked Questions

You may ask yourself a couple of questions if you discover the Shadoks for the first time.

How can you mint?
You should use a wallet compatible with Solana such as Phantom loaded with some SOL, Solana native token. Then, go at the top of this page and click the Mint button.
How could it be pumping forever?
The minting price will double every week and will eventually not be economically reasonable to mint, you'll probably want to buy some C999 from the secondary market.
Is this a pyramid scheme?
The Gulp is a solid prison, you can observe all the imprisoned SOL tokens in it here. As such, the C999 value only relies on the belief that Shadoks are here to stay and no one will ever be able to claim any SOL back.
What are the Shadoks?
If you haven't read it yet, checkout this Wikipedia article. In a world full of cats and dogs, we are convinced that Shadoks are a civilisation deserving some attention.

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